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You have reached the official website for Pack 167! This site was put together as a resource for parents, scouts, leaders, and future scouts in the Gananda School district covering both Macedon and Walworth, New York.

We are pleased to welcome you to our site! If your new to Scouting, please take some time to explore our site and see what we can offer to your child. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!  We have an open door policy and welcome suggestions and inquiries!

Since its beginning, the Cub Scout program has been a fun and educational experience concerned with values. Besides providing a positive place where boys can enjoy safe, wholesome activities, Cub Scouting focuses on building character, improving physical fitness, teaching practical skills, and developing a spirit of community service.  

Family involvement is essential to Cub Scouting's success.  Our parent volunteers provide a fantasic program for your son to thrive and have a lot of fun at the same time.   The program is strengthend when parents take an active interest in their sons being a Scout.   Participating in meetings, working together on home activities, and attending Pack events will give your child and family the full benefits of the Scouting program, so remember BE AN ACTIVE SCOUT PARENT! 

If you are considering having your son join our Scouting family, please also consider how you be able to 'Help the Pack Go!'.  As mentioned, Cub Scouts is run by parent volunteers and there are many ways you may be able to help.  We are often in need of parents to work directly with our Scouts, head a committee, coordinate an event or volunteer behind the scenes.   Whatever your talents or areas of interest, we have a place for everyone who wants to help!  To learn more about volunteering with our Pack, please contact our Parent Coordinator at parentcoordinator@macedon167.mypack.us.

Fall 2014 Registration

Posted by FrosiniM on Oct 2 2014 - 8:08am

Parents, are you looking for new opportunities for your son to have LOTS OF FUN with his buddies and make new friends? Would you like him to learn about citizenship and do community service? Would you like him to safely learn archery and how to use a pocket knife? Would he enjoy building and racing a Pinewood Derby car or go hiking and camping?

Then You are invited to

Fall 2014 Registration

Open to all current 1st – 5th grade boys & their families!


Join us to see the many opportunities that Scouting has to offer not only your son, but the entire family! Boys are invited to register and immediately begin attending our Fall 2014 events. Dues are $60 which cover national membership fees, a Boys Life subscription, and a Pack 167 t-shirt for all new members!

Cub Scouting is a home, school, neighborhood-centered program designed to support and encourage quality family involvement for boys in first through fifth grade. The goals of scouting include building character, leadership and citizenship, and developing strong personal fitness.

Pack 167 has a legacy of more than 20 years serving the youth and families of Gananda Central Schools and the surrounding communities of Walworth and Macedon.

  • Learn through outdoor experiences, games & crafts
  • Begin developing life-long values & leadership skills
  • Enjoy small-group activities & foster independence 




Check out Pack 167 on Facebook!

Posted by FrosiniM on Sep 17 2014 - 4:35am

Interested in becoming a Cub Scout?

Posted by Braunschweig on Jun 19 2014 - 10:35am

Are you interested in Cub Scouts, but have questions or want to learn more about what the Cub Scouting program is all about?

Please send an email to cubmaster@macedon167.mypack.us.   Cub Scouts has open registration year-round, but encourages enrollment by early October so your son can fully participate in the many activities and events the Scouting program offers throughout the year.  

Do you have any questions about the Pack, uniforms, ranks, patches, etc???

Posted by Braunschweig on Oct 30 2013 - 6:25am

If you have any general questions, a great place to get information is the Pack 167 Cub Scout Parent Handbook posted pn the Pack website under Files!   There's all kinds of great stuff including where to put patches on your son's uniform, what the yearly plan typically looks like, and what are the roles and responsibilities of each of the Pack leaders.  

Click here to check it out:  http://www.bsapack167.org/taxonomy/term/1043

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